Speed. In product development, and writing.

Last week I was reminded of what might be the most important reason to go fast: Going fast prevents you from second-guessing. Speed keeps you authentic. If you’ve got a weird, opinionated, crazy, possibly-stupid-possibly-great plan, and you take a long time to think it through, revise it, and make it perfect, you water down and wash out the goodness.

Go fast to stay authentic – Jake Knapp – Medium

The well known argument (in product development):

If you’re building a product, there are lots of reasons to go fast. It’s cheaper. You get to market sooner. If you’re off course, you might find out before it’s too late.

The hidden benefit (in product development and writing):

When you move that fast, sometimes you’re wrong. But you don’t waste time watering things down.

The less accepted argument (particularly, in writing):

I have a hundred ideas I don’t have the time to write properly and preciously, but I do have 15 minutes.

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