Things kids need but don’t get enough: boredom, building, unsupervised human interaction….

Boredom, daydreaming, a good book, building in three dimensions, interactivity with other humans–these are precious skills, skills that are being denied kids that are simply given a plate of chicken fingers and a tablet instead.

—Seth Godin, in ‘The digital divide is being flipped

I’ve long been a great believer in the value of boredom. My most creative, even productive years were when I was bored. Even today, more often than not, solutions and creativity come to me when I let myself be bored.

TV, social media, games and news are the enemy of boredom. I’ve removed 3 of them from my life in last few years, and my productivity has rocketed. When I leave this house, the fourth will go as well.

Another thing that I didn’t miss, but see missing for many kids these days (both in India and the UK): unsupervised, unjudged interaction with adults.

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