Four strategies for self control — Angela Duckworth

  1. Situation selection
  2. Situation modification
  3. Attention
  4. Mentally framing

—Angela Duckworth, in Trained Podcast (Ep: ‘Why talent alone isn’t enough’)

  1. Situation Selection: Choosing to be with people, or in places that bring out the best in you.
    Find like minded friends, people who have the same goals as you, and surround yourself with them. Really ask them to hold you accountable, and for their support.
    When you are at a restaurant, or going to one, try to avoid places where there is bad food or things that you are trying not to eat at that time. If you don’t have the option to eat it, you won’t.
  2. Situation Modification: If there’s something in your environment that’s keeping you from achieving your goal, change it.
    Maybe it is committing to go to the gym in the evening if you are not a morning person. Or picking a playlist to exclusively listen to while you work out.
  3. Attention Strategies: Literally looking away from the things that are tempting, and instead focusing on your goals.
    If you want to improve your sleep routine, or mindfulness, turn your attention away from the phone, and instead try to close your eyes and meditate before bed.
  4. Mental Framing: Changing the way you see things.
    If you think of cooking healthy meals as something that’s hard or just not worth it, try to think about it in a positive light. Maybe it can become a family activity, or an opportunity to try something new.
    Remember, you have the ability to change your perspective and attitude. Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you.

—Ryan J. Flaherty, summarising the podcast

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