What Britain needs…

Vermont is very political—people say what they think. They disagree without being disagreeable and have discussions without fighting.

— Alyssa Mastromonaco, in ‘Who thought this was a good idea’

The title should really read: ‘What Britain outside of Westminster needs…’

I love that politicians in Westminster talk to everyone, across all aisles, all the time. They disagree a lot, but are rarely disagreeable with each other in private.

Yet, the wider public takes their uttering at its face value and goes to war with the other side.

And yes, this isn’t just in Britain. India (at least pre Modi) and the US (pre Trump, tea party) were just the same — politicians fighting over policies in the public eye, while staying cordial and open in private.

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One thought on “What Britain needs…”

  1. It’s both sad and ironic that something many countries are currently suffering scarcity of is in fact a pillar of civilization: talking without surrendering to insults and ad hominem arguments. Hopefully it’ll turn around. A discussion can move forward. A war between stances can’t.

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