Love, evil & violence

The essence of all religious teaching lies in love. The special characteristic of the teaching about love lies in the fact that it has clearly and precisely defined the main condition of love – a condition which, if not observed, destroys any possibility of love. This condition is as follows: do not resist evil with violence.

—Tolstoy, in “A calendar of wisdom

Word magic…

Cavers and miners of the future will spot the Anthropocene as a stratified layer of plastic, which he finds strewn on beaches in the farthest points of the Lofoten Islands. His book is suffused with sadness for this. He finds comfort where he can: in the innocence of children, the company of friends, the light-drenched vividness of surface life, which cries out to be cherished—and in the astronomer who, confined to the dark, patiently turns towards the stars.

—The Economist: ‘Into the underland with Robert Macfarlane