Battle for Britain (and its government model)

“The British constitution is a state of mind,” says Peter Hennessy, a historian who calls this the “good chap” theory of government. “It requires a sense of restraint all round to make it work.”

— The Economist, in ‘Britain’s good-chap model of government is coming apart

Quips and quotes from Danny Gregory’s Morning Routine

What is your morning routine?
6:45am: Open eyes,
6:47am: Stagger to the bathroom,
6:49am: Shamble to the kitchen,
6:51am: Make some creative thing while the kettle heats up.

For a while, I sat at the kitchen counter, looked into a mirror, and drew a selfie. Each day’s drawing looked totally different, depending on how I felt and how I felt I looked.

Do you have a morning meditation routine?
I guess drawing is my meditation.

How soon do you check your phone in the morning?
Since my son graduated and moved out, my parental anxiety gets the better of me and I glance at my phone while I’m getting out of bed, just to see if the police left me a text message.

I have not been able to sleep in since 1994 when my son was born.

Danny Gregory’s Morning Routine on My Morning Routine

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