A very American view on equality & achievement…

This is a principle that is repeated in every aspect of life: if you raise the floor of competence, you inevitably lower the ceiling of achievement. There is no reward without risk, and demanding that everything meet a certain standard is to inevitably ensure that nothing goes beyond.

Ben Thompson, in the Stratechery Daily Update dated 22 Jan, 2018

Needless to point out that I completely disagree with Ben on this. I believe the opposite to be true. When the minimum required standard is raised, the standard of achievement required to stand out nudges even higher, spurring innovation and achievement.

I find his quote to represent a very American view of things – something that underlies/propels a lot of policy (and impolitic) discourse in their society. Even the most thoughtful, most reasonable people, once integrated in the US way of thinking tend to develop a intrinsic distrust and fear of equality, and anything that may even remotely resemble it, or lead to it.

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Being British – 2 sides

For me he is the perfect British story. It’s what we should be about: a person who comes to Britain as a young man, as a refugee, and an ex‑schoolteacher identifies something that he’s brilliant at and he represents Britain as the best in the world.

Mo Farah snub in Spoty award ‘really sad’, says Alistair Brownlee, December 25, 2016 at 06:15PM

“I’m not sure why he’s not in the top three,” he said. “It doesn’t necessarily help if you’re not there on the night; maybe some people don’t see him as British. He trains abroad, too.