Culture of Relativism

Mandela was prepared to break ranks with his fellow African leaders and condemn oppression. He did not indulge the ruinous culture of relativism and solidarity that had led to so many abuses in Africa passing unrebuked.

—Alec Russell, in ‘After Mandela

I love the term ‘Culture of relativism’. It’s a much better name for what’s come to be known as ‘whataboutery’ in the social media age.

Culture of relativism is also something that’s made a strong comeback in the era of social media empowered populism across the globe.

Something special: George Weah

George Weah, the only African footballer to have won both the Ballon d’Or and FIFA’s World Player of the Year award, will net another prize today when he is inaugurated, after winning an election in December. His accession will also be a milestone for democracy in West Africa: it will be the first peaceful electoral transfer of power in Liberia since 1944.

From Economist Espresso, Monday 22 2018