Chicken – size growth & taste for parts


On size of a chicken:

… comparing chickens that were selectively bred in 1957, 1978 and 2005. The authors found that at 56 days old the three birds had average weights of 0.9kg, 1.8kg and 4.2kg

— The Economist, in ‘How chicken became the rich world’s most popular meat

On parts of a chicken:

Though Westerners prefer lean, white meat; many in Asia and Africa prefer dark meat, which includes legs and thighs. These preferences are reflected in local prices: in America breasts are 88% more expensive than legs; in Indonesia they are 12% cheaper.

Differences in the price of chicken feet are even starker. The thought of eating talons is abhorrent to many Westerners, but they often feature in Cantonese recipes. China now imports 300,000 tonnes of “phoenix claws” every year.

As a typical Asian, I love chicken legs and thighs. I’d pick them over the breast every time. While I just love them for the taste of the meat there, my wife (and most asians) also love them for the bone marrow that can be sucked after eating the meat.

I don’t eat chicken feet though. My dog does. It’s a common dog treat at pet stores in the UK, and I get a few for him every time I visit one.

Piglets & cyclists :)

the best Breton rider wins a piglet. The prize always makes for a fun moment on the podium and serves as a reminder of the region’s farming traditions.

… the cyclist could hardly get the train home with a cow in tow so typically the award would be bought back off the cyclist for cash – the local farmers get publicity on the podium, and the rider returns with a fungible prize.

The Biggest Small Race, April 19, 2017, at 10:41 AM