Why everyone in Mongolia drives a Prius

…the clincher is the Prius’s reliability.

Ulaanbaatar may be the chilliest capital in the world. On a winter morning drivers must sometimes start their cars in temperatures below -30°C. Cars that run on petrol and diesel tend to sputter and die at such temperatures. The Prius can use its battery to power its electrical engine until the car warms up enough for the petrol engine to run smoothly—saving many a Mongolian from freezing frustration.

—The Economist, in ‘Everyone in Mongolia drives a Prius

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Car culture killing our humanity

He was quoted as saying, “I wasn’t paying attention because it’s a street that normally doesn’t have many people walking or riding bikes along it.”

9-year-old boy in coma after being hit by truck; driver arrested, April 27, 2017, at 03:23 PM