Fear => Resistance ∝ Importance

It get’s worse the more important it is to us
Pressfield says:

The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we’ll feel towards pursuing it.


— Dave in ‘The Resistance is Real

I feel it as a fear of failure – a what if. I wonder if its also a fear of success – and the change that may bring?

In China, the party is a vengeful god

Most people interviewed by Reuters declined to be named even when expressing relatively benign views on China’s leaders out of fear they would face repercussions.

“If the Communist Party tells us the sky is black, then the sky is black,” said one retiree strolling through Beijing’s Temple of Heaven, declining to give his name.

Reuters: China’s unspoken compact put to test by Xi power play

Gender truth from a Mexican tourist guide…

When he said that I am beautiful, I sighed and told him, “You too, Juan? I wish people were not so obsessed with beauty and women got complimented for their brains too.” To which, he brought his face really close to my ears and whispered, “That will never happen, señorita. Men are scared of intelligent women.

Sunshine: Enlightenment amid pyramids