Romantics at The Economist

It may be a business magazine but, when it wants, The Economist can write prose to steal any romantic’s heart 🙂

There will always be wildness in the ways of animals—in what they choose, unbidden, to pursue. But to seek the natural, in India as elsewhere, must also be to accept that the world of the wild is shared with, and shaped by, humans; to be a human who loves nature is to try and make that sharing work. The idea of powerful creatures in the vast untouched wilderness has a sublime thrill to it. It also has a certain cosiness; it is the imaginary ideal where many human ideas about nature grew up. But as T3 discovered after he swam across the Ken, you really can’t go home again. “The old world is gone,” says Mr Thapar. “We cannot bring it back.”

What an Indian tiger’s bid for freedom says about humans and nature


This city runs on cocaine…

This whole city runs on cocaine, shiny and pure in the penthouses and cheap and cut in the warehouses. It’s as open a secret as the speakeasies in Prohibition Chicago, which, incidentally, ‘my sort’ now recreate for costume parties.

Paranoid London (Look it Up!) – Jack Nicholls – Medium, August 2, 2017 at 03:35PM

Love the framing of above sentences.