I feel short

Roger Federer stands 6ft 1in, but he must feel like he’s taken a walk in the valley of the giants. Holy cow, just look at the other guys left in his quarter of the draw. Kevin Anderson, his next opponent, is 6ft 8in, while the two other quarter-finalists are John Isner (6ft 10in) and Milos Raonic (6ft 5in).

—Nick Bollettieri, in The Independent

Gender truth from a Mexican tourist guide…

When he said that I am beautiful, I sighed and told him, “You too, Juan? I wish people were not so obsessed with beauty and women got complimented for their brains too.” To which, he brought his face really close to my ears and whispered, “That will never happen, señorita. Men are scared of intelligent women.

Sunshine: Enlightenment amid pyramids