WhatsApp, the only social network that matters…

Digitally savvy millennials in India post Stories on Instagram, share memes on Facebook, watch videos on YouTube, keep up on Twitter, and chat with each other on Facebook Messenger. 

But older Indians have incorporated the most compelling features of these platforms right into WhatsApp. 

Vacation pictures don’t go on Facebook or Instagram, videos don’t go on YouTube, and jokes and wisecracks don’t go on Twitter. For older Indians, WhatsApp is the ultimate social network.

Older Indians Drive Millennials Crazy On WhatsApp. This Is Why They’re Obsessed.

Answer to: Why my mom says, “Why do you post your photos on Instagram? Share them on Facebook or WhatsApp.”

6yo’s solution to loneliness

Mom’s Q: What should you do when you feel lonely?
6yo’s A: Hug your mommy or your daddy if they are there. If only mommy is there, then you hug her. Then roll around the bed.

Mom’s Q: What if no one is there?
6yo’s A: Be sad and start crying?

X is for Xena’s gyaan, April 28, 2017 at 01:18PM

Also, she’s clearly a daddy’s girl 🙂

Mom’s Q: Why are some people in the world sad?
6yo’s A: Because their daddy is away.

Mom’s Q: Why are some people in the world happy?
6yo’s A: Because their daddy has come back.