The Reddit culture…

Reddit is famous for this kind of culture, where individual users tend to be suspicious of mainstream norms and beliefs, and curious about what little-known facts might be out there.

If you want to lose weight, don’t look to Instagram for inspiration—use Reddit instead

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Economic policies, like leaders – we get what we deserve

“We get the economic policies we deserve,” he writes. “And as long as a lack of economic understanding prevails among the general public, making good policy choices will take a lot of political courage.”

A Nobel winner explains why we get the bad economic policies we deserve

Bring me my fat soaked steak!

The research team thought that patients who ate diets with plant fat would have lower cholesterol—and they did, by about 14% overall. But they actually had higher risks of any kind of death than their animal-fat-eating peers. For every 30 points total cholesterol was lowered, the risk of death increased by 22%.

For years, we’ve been told fat clogs our arteries. Now, scientists say that’s all wrong., April 27, 2017, at 07:35 PM

Evolution of global sneaker market

Love this chart!

Loads of S-waves1 – both on a company, and aggregate level – indicating the many innovation cycles that the industry has gone through.

Also interesting to note is how, in most equilibrium states (when one company has come to dominate), the market structure is close to the rule of 3 – each competitor has half the market share of its previous bigger competitor.

Those are just two observations. There’s so much more that I love to recognise every time I see this chart. (Despite the annotations on the top).

Source: “Athletic Footwear Warfare: Surviving in an Oligopoly,” by Samsung Economic Research Institute, in Nike’s multi-billion-dollar empire is built on air  by Quartz

  1. S-waves: Innovation S-curves, when laid together over periods longer than one innovation cycle. 

A rule for Bitcoin investing

The rule of thumb when it comes to fat protocol investing is this:

The market cap of the protocol always grows faster than the combined value of the applications built on top

Joel Monegro, in Bitcoin doesn’t care what Silicon Valley thinks, January 7, 2017 at 07:49PM