Shunning vs Engaging

Shunning is a powerful tool, it is a sanction that society uses to maintain norms. But it’s an absolute tool, a final resort.

It’s possible to connect with people without endorsing their worst actions. In fact, the best way to undo negative actions may be to engage with people to persuade them that there’s a different way forward.

—Seth Godin, in ‘The shunning

Things kids need but don’t get enough: boredom, building, unsupervised human interaction….

Boredom, daydreaming, a good book, building in three dimensions, interactivity with other humans–these are precious skills, skills that are being denied kids that are simply given a plate of chicken fingers and a tablet instead.

—Seth Godin, in ‘The digital divide is being flipped

I’ve long been a great believer in the value of boredom. My most creative, even productive years were when I was bored. Even today, more often than not, solutions and creativity come to me when I let myself be bored.

TV, social media, games and news are the enemy of boredom. I’ve removed 3 of them from my life in last few years, and my productivity has rocketed. When I leave this house, the fourth will go as well.

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Seth Godin: Utility + Design > Price + Posturing

As materials have gotten cheaper and easier to find, it’s the design that matters. And the market is demanding better design–which is easy to copy and easy to improve.

Expensive is not the relevant metric, utility is.

Seth’s Blog: The triumph of everyday design

Seth’s Blog: First, de-escalate

Don’t deny that the customer/patient/student has a problem. If they think they have a problem, they have a problem.

It might be that your job is to help them see (over time) that the thing that’s bothering them isn’t actually a problem, but denying the problem doesn’t de-escalate it.

Seth’s Blog: First, de-escalate

An enterprise’s core focus…

It’s tricky to define better. But without a doubt, the heart and soul of a thriving enterprise is the irrational pursuit of becoming irresistible.

Seth’s Blog: Irresistible is rarely easy or rational

I just absolute love this phrase:

the irrational pursuit of becoming irresistible

I also love the word ‘enterprise‘ – it fits equally to a business objectives, as to a personal project, or a community action.